Are you limited or you are making progress?

Every day, every week and every month has its opportunities. Therefore, don’t look back, regretting what you have not achieved, but look forward, focusing on achieving what can still be achieved.”

Life is beautiful when our efforts yield results and we are making progress. However, life is not always fair as some people with lesser efforts but with greater opportunities or privileges achieve more progress and success than others. Life sometimes can be like a rat race because all fingers are not equal!

However, we all have an equal chance to live, which is pre-determined by our creator. So though we may not have achieved the kind of success that we desired, we should be grateful that each day we are alive allows us to make progress and achieve new things. Now, it is left to us to keep hope alive and try again.

Do you want to be limited or do you want to make progress? The fact is that if we allow the challenges and the limitations of life to make us feel miserable, we become miserable and limited! When our disposition is to think that life is unfair, that is what we get. Life indeed will be unfair!

In life, we daily have to take decisions and contend with two thought flows each minute and every hour that the clock clicks.

1. Decision about the opportunities and prospects which life gives- to which we can use to make headway in life;

2. Decisions about doubts and fears in life – which stalls and limits us in the achievement of our aspirations.

…  The short illustrative story below comes to mind:

There was this story of a young man who wished to marry the farmer’s beautiful daughter. He went to the farmer to ask his permission.

The farmer looked at him and said, “Ok, but you have to pass my test”. He then said, “Son, go stand out in that field. I’m going to release three bulls, one at a time. If you can catch the tail of any one of the three bulls, you can marry my daughter.”

So the young man stood in the field awaiting the first bull. This was something he had to do, to achieve his desire.

Then the barn door opened and out came the biggest, meanest looking bull he had ever seen.

Looking at the bull, he imagine how difficult it could be running after this. ‘He might get injured’, he thought. So he decided that since he still had two other bulls, there was still a chance, ‘certainly, there was no way the other bulls could be bigger than this’, he concluded. So he ran over to the side and let the bull pass through.

Then the barn door opened again. Unbelievable. He had never seen anything so big and fierce in his life. It stood pawing the ground, it eyed him. This bull was certainly bigger and weird than the first one. There was no way he could handle this one. Certainly not! He concluded that the farmer had set him up and regretted that he didn’t make an attempt on the first bull.

However, he was hopeful that there was still one bull left. So learning from the error of his earlier mistake, he decided he would not just let this one pass. So as the bull ran past him, he made an effort to run after it. Suddenly, the bull stopped and turned back to face him with a menacing look. With fear, he ran off to a tree as the bull charged at him, and then sauntered back to its barn.

Two gone. Only one left. This was his last chance!.

Then the door opened a third time. A smile came across his face. This was the weakest bull he had ever seen. This one was his bull, he said to himself. As the bull came running weakly, he positioned himself just right with all confidence and jumped at just the exact moment. He threw his weight on it and put his hands to grab the tail.

… But alas, the bull had no tail!

Lessons to learn:

  • Attaining success always comes with a window of opportunities. However, you don’t know which opportunity is the one for you, so always do your best at all times.
  • There’s no better time to try becoming more successful than now. So don’t focus on the limitations, the challenges, the short-comings, the lack of funds, the past disappointments, the failure of the system, BUT on the things you can DO to make progress!
  • Progressive success is attained via specific efforts at working things out. So keep trying and DARE to see how to turn your mountains into stepping stones!

Every day, every week, every month and every year has its opportunities. Therefore, don’t look back, regretting what you have not achieved, but look forward, focusing on achieving what can still be achieved.

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