Beyond the ideas, learn the process

No matter how fast you run, you cannot get to your destination, running in the wrong direction.

It is usually said that ideas rule the world, but oftentimes, many people have misconstrued this statement to mean that what they need to have to attain success in life is to have one great idea. Getting a ‘Great Idea’ is good, but having ideas alone does not translate to success.

… THERE IS A PROCESS There’s a process to follow in the journey of life. For example, babies are first conceived in pregnancies before they are birthed. Success is first conceived as ideas before it is achieved.

Though nine months is the statutory period for pregnant women to deliver, there is a process for managing pregnancies (even if it is with IVF) with all necessary antenatal care in place, until the baby is born.

Thus when a child is born, an idea is birthed, but who knows how successful or how long that child will live? None; Neither the father nor the mother. For the child to live and grow to attain his/her future, the child needs to be nourished and groomed in the right environment. The child would need the right financial, physical, social, intellectual and educational support through the years of childhood, teenagehood to adulthood. That is the process!

There are many lessons to learn in the path of achieving success. For example, years ago, I encountered some unnecessary obstacles whilst pursuing my goals. Though I was passionate and zealous about achieving success, I lacked the skills and proper guidance for implementation. This was because I didn’t seek and get the needed support system. I didn’t seek the wisdom of a coach, nor did I get an instructor or a mentor. I was my own coach. I was playing my own game and pursuing my own ‘GREAT IDEAS’ with much strength, and little skills. My efforts, without skills and strategy, produced ‘EMPTY POCKET’ seasons!

ARE YOU ON THE RIGHT PATH TO YOUR SUCCESS? Note that not all ideas are realizable. Not all ideas are possible. Not all ideas become accomplished. Not all ideas are realistic. The success we anticipate or aim to achieve has a process. Jumping the process of grooming and manifesting our success ideas, with the right growth structure or support systems often leads to a frustrating life, because as someone said, “no matter how fast you run, you cannot get to your destination, running in the wrong direction”.

Sometimes, our approaches lack tact and strategy. Sometimes, we are foolish in the decisions we take. Sometimes we act in errors. Sometimes, we are just insane! When we seem stuck despite efforts at success, we need to do an insanity check.

What is insanity? Rita Mae Brown defines it as “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. In essence, what this means is that if something “doesn’t work” or “is not working”, we should not spend all the time fussing about it. Instead, we are expected to re-evaluate, re-strategize and explore other goodly alternatives that get us moving on.

So if you get stuck with an “idea” or in the pursuit of success that takes so much from you, yet gives you so little, you need to do an “Insanity Check”! It’s most possible that you are missing out on something. You may be insane! (That’s why you could keep doing something over and over again without getting results and, yet continue doing it again, using the same methods!). Otherwise, you should be “sane” (that’s the opposite of insanity) and explore other probably options or alternatives to get you the needed results.

WRAP UP: Success is a personal journey. The process for each person varies. … Let’s, therefore, apply, re-evaluate and re-strategizing to ensure we are in the path of progress; in stages, in phases, in layers, per time, per season.

In all of it, when our human efforts don’t yield the desired result, the good book points us to God for help. According to Romans 9: 16, “… It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.”

Therefore in all things, “.... Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16: 3)


Adapted excerpts from GREAT IDEAS, EMPTY POCKET ®

© Sanmi Falobi @

Image credit: Rudall30 / Shutterstock

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