SUCCESSTACT is dedicated to providing human capacity development insights to enhance both personal and organisational development growth. 

The mandate of SUCCESSTACT is basically situated within the context of providing high impact insights and guide on pragmatic strategies, skills, attributes, character traits, and desirable proficiency for attaining enviable goals and aspirations in personal living, career life, business concerns, entrepreneurship pursuit and vocational enterprise across fields of personal and organizational endeavours.

This mandate is ebbed in the the provision of well resourced insights for  career advancement, personal development and wellness, entrepreneurial accomplishments as well as human capital/enterprise development growth, ETC.

The Magazine, SUCCESSTACT, published by INNATE COMMUNICATIONS, is incorporated as a publication stable of SUCCESSTACT VENTURES, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Formerly published as SUCCESS NOTIONS – ISSN: 2384-6069, SUCCESSTACT in print and online versions as SUCCESSTACTng facebook page and SUCCESSTACT facebook and WhatsApp group, as well as its regular and special editions.

The Magazine’s focus, which aligns with its programmatic activity is aimed at providing instructive information and insights to enhance human capital growth, at both personal and organisational levels, cross-cutting spheres of personal living, family/career life, SME/business concerns, entrepreneurship pursuit, vocational enterprise and range of other development endeavours.

SUCCESSTACT, as a development-focused and capacity building enterprise also provides success-based resources, pragmatic insights, supportive strategies and mentoring opportunities to inspire positive actions, empower and enhance proficiency for optimum success for individual or organisational aspirations.


SUCCESSTACT VENTURES is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with operations straddling Media Communications, Publishing, Events Management, Enterprise Management/Consultancy and general merchandise operations. As a resource-based enterprise, the organisation has partnership relationship with a spectrum of resource personnel across fields of professional, entrepreneurial and vocational endeavours and allied initiatives to deliver insights for high impact and optimal success through the following initiatives:

Human Capacity Building programmes: Offering capacity training for skills enhancement, learning opportunities, information exchange, training and skills acquisition programmes through seminars, workshops, roundtable sessions, interactive forums and platforms towards identifying, achieving, maintaining, exploring and advancing “success goals” across initiatives and aspirations cross cutting personal living, career life, business concerns, entrepreneurship pursuit and vocational enterprise, etc.

Publications and media productions: Offering cutting-edge capacity building resources and insightful human capital development information for informed choices, high impact and stimulating actions for efficiency in personal and organizational endeavours. This also entail the publication of SUCCESSTACT magazine (hardcopy/online edition) and associated media communications including virtual interactions and social media publications/interface (on facebook, WhatsAPP, ZOOM, youtube, etc).

Intrapreneurial and Consulting/Advisory service: Offering specific tailored, personalised, intrapreneurial and consulting/advisory guidance for optimal performance in the attainment of individual or organisational goals and aspirations, cross-cutting media/communications initiatives, small enterprise organisational development, NGO/social impact grant proposal and project implementation, personal skills development, entrepreneurial mentoring, management consultancy, etc,

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Tel: +234 8079078162, +234 8023626281, +234 8053473949, +234 8131083860

Email: successtact@gmail.com

Twitter: @ successtact

Managing Editor/Coordinator:SANMI FALOBI

Facebook: @ sanmifalobi

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Email: sanmifalobi@yahoo.com

Power Words-Reposition and advancing

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

–Walt Disney

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

—Katherine Whitehorn

“Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.”.

–Robert H. Schuller

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